How to Use the Print Screen Key on your Keyboard

( see also the Snipping Tool in Vista )

If you wish to take a picture of what is on your screen you can press the PRINT SCREEN (PRTSC or PRTSCN on some keyboards) key on your keyboard. This is called a screen capture (similar to a screenshot).

The Windows Print Screen Key

This key is usually located on the top right hand side of your keyboard, often next to the
"ScrLk"and "Pause" keys. The key may appear differently depending on the manufacturer
of your Windows keyboard. The Key is often abbreviated to PrtScrn.

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The function of this key is to capture a snapshot/screen capture or image of your computer
screen and copy it to the clipboard.You cannot see the clipboard but it holds copied items
(text,graphics,shortcuts) which can be pasted into other applications or elements of your
computer such as your desktop.

Examples of where the screen capture from a print screen capture can be pasted:
A word processor (MS Works or Word)
Image editing software (Photoshop or MS Paint)

Before printing any image, check the levels of your ink and toner cartridges to ensure proper printing!!

The screen capture when saved in a file in MS Word for example or as an image in
MS Paint/Photoshop can be attached to an email.

How to paste a print screen capture (screen capture) in an MS Word document.

1. Have what you wish to capture visible on your computer screen.
2. Press the Print Screen key.
Note: On a laptop the key is usually used in conjunction with the Fn Key (Fn+PrtScn).
3. In MS Word Open the document you wish to place the screen capture in or use a new document.
4. Position the cursor at the beginning of the document or wherever you want the screen capture to appear.
5. Using your keyboard, press Ctrl + V which will Paste the screen capture in your document or right click the document and click Paste.
6. Save the document which now contains the screen capture.

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View of the screen captured

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The screen capture pasted into the Word Document

To send a screen capture in an Email as an Attachment (Outlook Express - Windows Mail etc).

1. Paste the screen capture into MS Word or Works and save the document.

2. Create the new mail message you wish to send.

3. On the Insert Menu select File Attacment.

4. Locate the file (saved document) and left click to select it.

5. Click Open. The file will attach to the document.

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Note: If the screen capture has been pasted into an Image editing program and saved as an image file (.gif or .jpeg for example) the screen capture can be attached to the email by selecting "Picture" instead of File Attachment (right)

In Outlook 2003/2007 and later, you can Insert a screen capture saved as an image file directly into a message body. The cursor is placed where required in the message body and the image file is inserted from the Insert menu of the Outlook version being used.

Alt+Print Screen Fn+Alt+Print Screen (Laptop ) Pressing these keys will take a screen capture of the currently selected window (the window or program you are working with), not the entire screen like the normal screen capture function. This allows you to target that specific window that you have open and nothing else.

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